Rebecca Hodson
Rebecca Hodson: Infertility Counselor & Yoga Instructor

Hipss was conceived after a personal experience with infertility. Rebecca has passion, empathy and the ability to uniquely counsel those struggling with fertility issues. After she and her husband struggled with infertility for 3 years (with 2 happy endings) she realized their was a missing support network. She came to understand not only the need for the type of work she does but how it relates to inceased pregnancy rates.

She started facilitating support groups 3 years ago and learned an outstanding amount from her participants. While raising a family at home she has studied the emotional impacts of infertility from text books such as: The Clinicians Guide to Infertility Counselling, The Infertility Survival Guide, Conquering Infertility: Dr. Alice Domar’s mind/body guide to enhancing fertility and coping with infertility, Counselling in Male Infertility and many more. She attended the first Infertility Course offered in Canada in 2009 through Tape Studies in Toronto.

Her counselling practice is supervised by a registered Psychologist which enables clients to use their benefits/insurance.

She has a desire to educate professionals in the fertility industry about the emotional, physical and mental impacts of Infertility. There are ways to improve the quality of life for patients in treatment as well as increase pregnancy rates through holistic modalities such as Fertility Awareness coaching, Infertility counselling, Fertility Yoga and Support Circles.

Rebecca is a certified fitness instructor through the YMCA and volunteers teaching Spinning and other fitness classes in her area. She also has a passion and enthusiasm about teaching Fertility Yoga. She is certified and trained by Dorothy Guerra co-owner and instructor of Birth yoga studios

Rebecca has given lectures about the emotional impacts of infertility to first year Med students at McMaster University, ON. She has a special interest in public speaking and continues to give Key note speeches to bring awareness and education about fertility issues.

If you are interested in booking Rebecca for public speaking or media engagements please contact: info @