Mediumship Infertility Counselling                                                                Conception

Fee: $90-140   Sliding scale of what you find value in paying

Duration: 1.5-2 hours

Reading energy and teaching you how to shift YOUR energy

This session is unique and unlike any other type of Infertility counselling you may have had. Everything in life is emotional and when you do not feel good, it is easy to lose yourself and lose hope. I have been an infertility Counsellor with supervision from a Psychologist for the past 10 years without realizing my gifts. My clients would often say to me ” How did you know that about ME Rebecca?” OR “How did you know exactly what to say to help me find relief?”.


ALL Women CAN start a new chapter to their journey that finally feels EMPOWERING and is 100% guaranteed because YOU shift your state of being from worried, fearful or sadness to peaceful, hopeful, belief, calm etc….This is where your baby is and your baby already exists- Its a done deal, but how far away are you from matching the energy of your baby?

I can read any souls’ energy and since we are eternal, the energy that is your baby communicates with me, along with those who have passed that love you. Between reading your vibration, your baby(ies) vibe and those who have crossed, I have a higher perspective and insight into your state of being.

Everything in the Universe is Vibrational and the Law of Attraction works on everything- Babies, Lovers, Careers, Financial wellbeing and so forth. I am a master teacher in the law of attraction and how it relates to Baby making and motherhood.

You are always on your path and never off of it. I specialize in women who are making babies but who have energy that is moving slowly or who feel stuck.


During a session I will be able to talk to you about important information about your fertility. I can connect with your higher self and see how your energy is moving. Many women who participate in treatment have slow moving energy or energy that is going in the wrong direction. There is nothing to fix and I promise that you will find a sense of relief and empowerment after our session. It is my intention to teach you how to flow your energy once again. Many women after a short period of time feel discouraged and less hopeful.  The insight and wisdom I provide is a new chapter on your journey to becoming a mother.


Your journey is filled with moments that do not feel good. In the moments we meet you will start to feel amazing and renewed. My role is to gently guide souls to their mothers in a way that supports Fertility’s EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, MENTAL & SPIRITUAL wellbeing….. in other words Control…. But I like to call it EMPOWERMENT


Many journey’s are long and frustrating. The light in your journey starts here and it will be lit inside of you. The relief you crave has been shown to you by your intuition (Gut Feelings). You will find validation, security, nurturing, soothing and teachings during a session.


Afternoon, evening and weekend appointments available


Waiting Womb
Waiting Womb

One-on-One counselling services are available by appointment.

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Group Reading Mindfulness Infertility Support Group

Support Groups
Support Groups


Friday January 17th, 2020 from 8:00-10:00 PM


Cost: $20, 10 spaces available Please inquire for more details of description

Understanding energy ( spirit/soul) and the law of attraction: Learning about baby vibes and raising yours (positive thoughts)

                                       Learning HOW TO EXPECT WHEN YOU ARENT EXPECTING YET





This 2 hour support group is unique in many ways. Did you know that your destiny is not carved in stone? If you have had thoughts like these:
– Its never going to happen, it hasn’t so far (HOPELESSNESS)
-Maybe I’m not suppose to be a mother (or provide sibling)
-Maybe I did something wrong and I deserve this
-I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked
-The doctors don’t have explanations they just have Rx for more tests
-Maybe I’m meant to be with someone else if we can’t have kids together
-What if I’m doing something wrong and I don’t know it?
– What if there was something different I can do to help my fertility?

This group will talk about the role of energy and how you can control how you flow it. Many women who have been wanting a baby and waiting with highs and lows tend to have slow moving energy and sometimes momentum that is going in the wrong direction.

My intuitive Counselling part speaks to where your vibe is in relation to your baby. I can feel your soul (along with non-physical) and can give you insight into where you are on your journey. Many women fall into a place of sadness and not understanding why things aren’t working. I can explain MIRACLES and I can explain to you what your baby wants you to know. There are no guarantees through Science.. but when you have SCIENCE (MATTER) + ENERGY working together = BABY

This is a group where your empowerment will be reborn. This class is tailored to what you need to hear and when you need to hear it. You are always on the right path. You are never off the right path. we will experience many emotions together, but the dominating feeling will be RELIEF. You will finally be stepping back into feeling empowered.

You don’t have to let go
It easier to LET IN
let in the light and shine
soften your skin
breath deep and exhale from deep within

My friend… if you are reading this, you will be having a baby!