Fertility Yoga Classes for women who are going through fertility treatment

4-Week Fertility Yoga Sessions: All Levels are welcome

Fertility Yoga
Mind, Body, and Spirit are all involved in the act of conception

Fertility Yoga classes are offered as 4 week  sessions that you can participate in at any time during your treatment***. Classes are every Thursday evening, starting at 7:45 PM and going to 9:00 PM in north Burlington, Ontario. The cost for a 4 -week Fertility Yoga package is $120. If there are spots available, I will offer drop-in at the cost of $35.

Pre-Registration through the form on the right is required. A wait list is available as there are only 5 spots per session. This type of yoga is recommended by many fertility doctors and safe to practice during IUI or IVF cycles***.

Current session( 2 spots remain):

August 17th- September 7th 7:45pm-9pm

Please be aware that I will be taking a 6 month Maternity Leave and will be offering only 3 session left. I will be resuming in the Spring 2018

Thursday, September 21st  to October 12th

Thursday, October 26th to November 9th

Please register through the form on the right.

***Do not practice Fertility yoga within 48 hours after egg retrieval or embryo transfer.

Benefits of Practicing Fertility Yoga before and during treatment

  • I use hip opening poses to help increase the flow of blood and energy to the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus
  • Reduce stress and anxiety while increasing your inner strength
  • Learn to trust that your body will do what it is suppose to do- re-connect with it
  • Reduce obsessive thoughts and worry-  Breathing techniques help you to calm thoughts
  • Renew Energy: Most women are exhausted during treatment
  • Support: Stop feeling alone in your journey to build a family. ALL the ladies in my class are going through treatment
  • Spend an hour a week focussing on your fertility and feel more in control

Private Fertility Yoga Instruction

Fertility Yoga
Rebecca Hodson, RYT

Fertility Yoga private sessions are made by Appointment and offered in my space or yours.  You must RSVP to attend a class session or fill out the form on the right to book private session.

Cost: $65 for an hour

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Do not practice Fertility yoga within 48 hours after egg retrieval or embryo transfer.