Why Counselling?

Support through counselling will walk you through the steps, and help you navigate through difficult patches to get to the joyous ones. The main benefits of ongoing support during fertility treatments include peace of mind and reduced stress and anxiety during the process. Most importantly, support and counselling can help you stick with it and not give up before your treatments are done, or when more than one series of treatments is needed.

Not everyone conceives on their first attempt, and having someone who can provide guidance, strength, and perspective because they have gone through what you are experiencing can ensure that you can handle the ups and downs of your treatment plan. Rebecca can show you what options are available, and help you make informed decisions on next steps. The journey requires a deep emotional investment, and she’s here to help you along the way.

Counselling services are covered by most insurance/benefit plans. Check with Human Resources or employee manual for Psychologist coverage.

Private Counselling

Rebecca makes herself available to you for ongoing support with regularly scheduled appointments and can be responsive in times of crisis or when you just need someone to speak to about your frustrations, uncertainty, and emotional well-being. You can sit with her in her beautiful country home, conveniently located on Cedar Springs Road, or she can meet you at your own home if you are more comfortable in familiar surroundings.

Waiting Womb
Waiting Womb

One-on-One counselling services are available by appointment. All counselling appointments are guaranteed to be booked within one week of contact.

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Fertility Support Group

Support Groups
Support Groups

You are invited to a FREE Infertility Support Group meeting at ONE Fertility in Burlington from 1-3pm:

ONE Fertility

3210 Harvester Road
Burlington, Ontario

Sunday, January 29th, 1-3 PM


Sunday, February 26th, 1-3 PM