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Counselling - Rebecca Hodson
My name is Rebecca Hodson and I walked the infertility journey not knowing where it would lead.  Not only did I end up with 4 beautiful children, but I landed my perfect career. I just knew and felt my purpose was to help you on your path to become a parent. If you are reading this, you may have a resonance with the support I offer. I have been teaching fertility yoga and providing traditional grief counselling services for over 9 years. Recently, I have expanded my support to include my gift of mediumship/channeling along with a type of energy healing that propels my clients into a NEW understanding of how to get out from under the pain and suffering caused by the emotional rollercoaster of baby making.

I have had the pleasure in helping over 100 couples/single women to understand their emotions and how to best cope with fertility testing and treatment, medical diagnosis’, and all the relationships that may be affected. I am an exceptional primary source of physical, emotional and Spiritual support under a period of stress and uncertainty through the months or years it may take to create your family.


  • I have had a traditional Infertility Counselling practice (Grief) supported and supervised by a Psychologist for over 9 years. These services are covered by most health insurance plans.
  • Energy Healing and Channeling: I connect with spirit and as a result I can offer connection to your higher self and souls that have passed. Information comes in a loving and insightful way to guide you spiritually (heal your soul/heart) and medically . Energy healing helps to increase your vibration to that of your baby and channeling is wisdom from loved ones that can help gain clarity and confidence. These loved ones can include: grandparents, aunts/uncles, sisters/brothers, parents OR Babies from miscarriages or Infertility (yes there is a soul waiting for you). My specialty is fertility and this type of Spiritual counselling is a gift that I intend to share.
  • I am a certified yoga instructor who specializes in Therapeutic Fertility Yoga. I hold classes in my beautiful, sunny studio space in a country setting North Burlington OR gain access for FREE to Live Streaming classes every week!

Fertility Yoga Class

4-Week Fertility Yoga Class $140

Next session starts Thursday May 2nd, 2019

Fertility Yoga classes are offered once a week for 4 weeks.  Classes are every Thursday evening, starting at 8PM and ends approximately at 9:15PM in North Burlington, Ontario.

Pre-Registration is required as there are only 5 spots per session. Please RSVP to attend. This type of yoga is recommended by many fertility doctors and safe to practice during IUI or IVF cycles***.  No experience is necessary and you do NOT need to be athletic or flexible.

Please note that I offer a Make-up class to my participants the following week of a finished session. I may have room for a drop-in or Trial spot for YOU. So contact me to see if I have a spot.


Other dates: 4 weeks starting on June 6th 

Cost: $140 Plus a FREE makeup class if one is missed for reasons of illness, work or if you aren’t up to it.

Location: Burlington, ON – See Contact page

Every Thursday evening from 8pm-9:15pm

***Do not practice Fertility yoga within 48 hours after egg retrieval or embryo transfer.

 This class is continued every 5 weeks and drop-in options are available upon request during the make-up class.

Please register HERE.



Monthly Mindfulness Group at One Fertility: Burlington

Support Groups
Support Groups



Start with a new beginning through understanding the power of mindfulness and how to apply it to your journey of becoming pregnant. We are all aware of the emotional impacts that cause chaos, confusion, frustration, anger, sadness, and all kinds of other emotions in between. Do you want to experience a group that is uplifting, energy enahancing/renewing and a clear understanding of how to feel better?


FREE monthly group 2 hours in duration. RSVP is required. Women and couples may attend.


Rebecca in Bridge Pose
Mind, Body, Spirit are all involved in conception

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