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Counselling - Rebecca Hodson
My name is Rebecca Hodson and I walked the infertility journey and felt that I could help others as a compassionate and informed support on that difficult path. I have been teaching fertility yoga (weekly classes in Burlington and in-home private sessions) and providing counselling services for over 8 years.

I help couples and single women cope with the emotional and physical ups and downs of conceiving and fertility treatment. I am a primary source of emotional and physical support under a period of stress and uncertainty through the months or years of effort it takes to create your family.

  • I have had an Infertility Counselling practice supported and supervised by a Psychologist for over 7 years. These services are covered by most health insurance plans.
  • I am able to confidently use my intuition to guide you along your path of conception and pregnancy- ENERGY Healing that is not about figuring it out, fixing or unblocking. This type of work is about laying new pipes and getting the flow going to conceive quicker than other modalities. For example, do you feel anxious or eager? These feelings are different energetically and often this path becomes overwhelming, chaotic, confusing and full of grief
  • I am a certified yoga instructor who specializes in fertility yoga. I hold classes in my beautiful, sunny studio space in a country setting North Burlington OR gain access for FREE to Live Streaming classes every week!

Private Uplifting Counselling Sessions that bring Clarity

Counselling services are covered by most insurance/benefit plans. Check with your company’s Human Resources person or your employee manual for Psychologist coverage.

Fertility Yoga Classes: In Person & FREE Streaming

4-Week Fertility Yoga Classes: FEB 21, 2019

Fertility Yoga classes are offered as 4 week sessions that you can participate in at any time during your treatment***. Classes are every Thursday evening, starting at 8PM and going to 9:15PM in north Burlington, Ontario. The cost for a 4 -week Fertility Yoga package is $120. If there are spots available, I will offer drop-in at the cost of $35.

Pre-Registration is required, a wait list is available as there are only 5 spots per session. Please RSVP to attend. This type of yoga is recommended by many fertility doctors and safe to practice during IUI or IVF cycles***.

Please note that I offer a Make-up class to my participants the following week of a finished session. I may have room for a drop-in for YOU. So contact me to see if I have a spot.


Next Session (5 available spots but sells out quickly): 4 weeks starting on THURSDAY FEBRUARY 21st from 8-9:15pm

Cost: $120 Plus a FREE makeup class if one is missed for reasons of illness, work or if you aren’t up to it.

Location: Contact for address: Burlington,ON

Every Thursday evening from 8pm-9:15pm

 This class is continued every 5 weeks and drop-in options are available upon request and spot availability (make-up class usually has space.

Please register HERE.

Launched FREE Live Streaming on Facebook:

Every week I conduct my Fertility Yoga class on-line WED OR THURS 8:30pm (Toronto Time) through a Private Facebook Group-

Hope Believe Expect OR search Halton Infertility and Support Services

Private Fertility Yoga Instruction

Fertility Yoga private sessions are made by Appointment and offered in my space or yours.  You must RSVP to attend a class session.

***Do not practice Fertility yoga within 48 hours after egg retrieval or embryo transfer.

Monthly Coaching Group for WELLBEING- ONLINE

Support Groups
Support Groups



Start with a new beginning and fill your journey with uplifted confidence and feeling of ease and in the process of building your family.  Do you want to experience a group that is uplifting, energy enhancing and flowing with the information you need to start a new beginning with a genuine understanding of how emotions and thoughts  (Energy) are affecting the delay of pregnancy.  Many infertility patients do not understand why they are not pregnant after years of trying under a RE’s care.
I am an intuitive coach with many answers to change your perception of CONCEPTION. Have you ever wondered about the questions below? you will learn the answer and feel RELIEF.  

How do women get pregnant after being told they can’t?

How do miracles happen?

Why do women get pregnant after they consider adoption?

How is there such a thing as unexplained Infertility?

Why have I been trying to conceive for so long with failed attempts?



Rebecca in Bridge Pose
Mind, Body, Spirit are all involved in conception

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