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Yoga for Fertility

Fertility Yoga Legs on the Wall Pose

  • My name is Rebecca Hodson and I have been teaching Fertility yoga for over 5 years (Weekly classes in Burlington and monthly at Mt. Sinai in Toronto.)
  • I have had an Infertility Counselling practice supported and supervised by a Psychologist for over 5 years. These services are covered by most health insurance plans.
  • I am also an Infertility Support Group facilitator (Privately and at One Fertility.)

My work is all related to  supporting women while trying to getting pregnant

I help couples and single women cope with the emotional and physical ups and downs of fertility treatment. I am a main source of emotional and physical support under a  period of stress and uncertainty through the months or years of effort it takes to create your family.

I walked the infertility journey and felt that I could help others as a compassionate and informed support on that difficult walk.

4-Week Fertility Yoga Classes — NEW Class starts (SOLD OUT): Nov 24th-Dec 15th — Next 4 week series will start Jan 5th-Jan 26th

Fertility Yoga classes are offered as 4 week cycle sessions that you can participate in at any time during your treatment. Classes are every Thursday evening, starting at 7:45pm and going to 9:00 pm in north Burlington, Ontario.  The cost for a 4 -week Fertility Yoga package is $120. If there are spots available, I will offer drop-in at the cost of $35.

Pre-Registration is required, a wait list is available as there are only 5 spots per series. Please RSVP to attend. This type of yoga is recommended by many fertility doctors and safe to practice during IUI or IVF cycles.

Do not practice Fertility yoga within 48 hours after egg retrieval or embryo transfer.

Fertility yoga may benefit you in many ways.

  • CHANGE- Sometimes when things aren’t working, we look for change. Joining a Fertility Yoga class or private session is something you can do this cycle that is different. It is hard to feel in control during infertility. This unique class gives you the opportunity to take charge in your own way.
  • We hold stress in our neck and shoulders, but did you know that we also hold a lot of stress in our HIPS? Fertility yoga is specifically designed to use hip opening poses to release tension and INCREASE the flow of blood and energy to the reproductive organs.
  • All the women in my classes are going through some form of fertility treatment, so it is a very supportive environment and you will feel less alone.
  • I teach you breathing techniques to help you calm your mind. Many women obsess about getting pregnant. Thoughts are energy and many patients are exhausted from the prolonged stress of treatment. Part of my job is to help you RENEW YOUR ENERGY. When you calm your mind you can start to feel hopeful and optimistic again.
  • It is very difficult to pick yourself up again after a failed cycle. Self-esteems can be affected negatively and during a FERTILITY YOGA class/session, I help you to get out of your head and into your body. Yoga for fertility is amazing at helping you learn to trust that your body will do what it is suppose to do! CONCIEVE AND MAINTAIN a pregnancy.

Fertility Yoga private sessions are made by Appointment and offered in my space or yours.  You must RSVP to attend a class session.

You are invited to a FREE Infertility Support Group meeting at ONE Fertility in Burlington from 2-4pm

Sunday November 27th and Sunday December 18th

All counselling appointments are guaranteed to be booked within one week of contact.

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